Sunday, 13 October 2013

Lost My Name - Book Review

We review a few children's books on this blog, but I'm going to say that the two books that I have been sent most recently are the most gorgeous and enchanting books that the kids currently own. They are personalised books made by and I was lucky enough to get one made for Isla and Noah. They are both the perfect age for the books as Lost My Name say that they are for children between the ages of 2 and 6 years.

The premise of each story is that the little boy or girl in the story has lost his or her name and they go on a journey to find it, collecting letters along the way from all sorts of creatures, some we'd heard of, some we hadn't (the Nabarlek really appealed to Noah!) and finally the child has their name back and better than that - they see their name in a book, in actual print! Which they inevitably love. The whole concept of this book, finding the letters, has come at a very good time for Isla as she's just started in reception and in the last 3 weeks she has begun to sound out letters all the time. She loves it. 

Noah loves his book too, and as I mentioned the Nabarlek is his favourite creature in his book. He asks loads of questions throughout. The other good thing about having a book for each sibling is that we've got to see more creatures through them having different letters in their name, although they both have an Aardvark in their stories. And just because the 'Isla' book is about a girl and the 'Noah' book is about a boy, it makes no difference to the kids, they like to hear each others stories as they have different creatures to read about. I wondered what would happen when one name had two of the same letter and I got to find out when I ordered a book for my friends little girl. Her name had two 'I's' and there were two different illustrations for each I. This got me thinking that there must need to be so many different illustrations for all the letters - in fact I found out that there are over 150 illustrations to cover the 14000 different children's names in the 2011 census. Wow.

Another aspect of the books that I must mention is the ease with which they are made. You go to the site, you type in the name you want, you even get to see a preview of the books online and then you order. Simple! It states on the site that the books will be with you within 10 days and they are. They are a lovely big A4 size, giving the beautiful illustrations enough room on the page to really draw you in to the magical story. 

So there you have it. It's a wonderful concept, a personalised book made by an independent company who have funded everything themselves. I may well have been sent two free copies but I've since bought another copy as a birthday present as I believe the quality and the creativity of these books is unique and special enough to be a gift. I know some people will think £16.99 for a book?! But actually once you've owned one, you will see how individual these books are and the thought and care that has gone into making this whole project a reality. 

We were sent 2 books free of charge in order to review them. All words and opinions are my own.

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