Sunday, 15 March 2015

Siblings: March 2015

This month it was World Book Day. I'd decided that I'd keep the conversation about this limited with the kids as the school had given us a grand total of 3 days to prepare for it, getting the letter on Monday morning about needing costumes for that Thursday didn't give me cause to swear and curse under my breath at all....

In the end I wished I'd actually asked for their input because it turned out that the mermaid costume I'd bought for Isla to be The Singing Mermaid was surplus to requirements and on seeing that Noah was going to be Peter Pan she just wanted to be Wendy, which required nothing more than sending her to school in her nightie! Gah! There was me thinking that it would complicate matters having a discussion about who they would be and in fact Isla's idea was so much better than mine and I loved that they were characters from the same story. In future we'll definitely be working it out together.

With them dressed up it also gave me the opportunity to play around with my new camera and get some practice in following the Photography for Parents course I'd taken. Practice is definitely needed I think although I'm fairly happy with these ones I took.

dear beautiful


  1. Great costumes and lovely photos.

  2. I sent my two as Topsy and Tim which required nothing more than matching t shirts ;)

  3. We love peterpan! those costumes are fab x x

  4. Beautiful photos - love the fact that they went as characters from the same story and Peter Pan and Wendy is a good choice! :-)