Friday, 13 March 2015

When I Grow Up I Want to Be....

.....A Twitcher.

This is Isla's latest desired career path at the age of 5. I have to add that she doesn't just want to be a bird watcher she has been quite clear that this will be her daytime occupation and then at night she will be a singer on TV (I think she's watched The Voice too much lately!). I love that she's thought of two polar opposite jobs, I also love the innocence of her declaration, I guess there is some similarity with birds also enjoying a good sing song! A job as a bird watcher would certainly be very lovely I'm sure, and if she wants to be on TV then perhaps she could be the next Michaela Strachan or Kate Humble on TV showing us the loveliness of Springtime or on Countryfile......?

Her interest in birds has really peaked lately, together we drew some pictures of birds and she made it in to a 'Guess the Bird' game which she tested Nanny and Grandpa on (they didn't get many right!). She also watched a Natural World programme: Super Powered Owls last week (if it's on the iPlayer still do watch it, it was fascinating) and paused it throughout, drawing and writing about the programme as it went on. She was amazed by the way they could turn their necks all the way round and kept saying 'Look Mummy, I can do it too', whilst spinning her whole body round. She was upset when at the end of the programme, one of the young owls called Luna, flew off and didn't stay with their handlers. I was so impressed that she watched this all the way through and her interest didn't wane and she got so attached to the owls and had even picked a favourite from Luna and Lily.

I found a great book at a local charity shop about owls and we've read this many times now. I feel like it's such a shame that we have such a small garden and we own a cat and there are about 5 other cats in the near vicinity, so we don't really get any birds in our garden apart from the brave wood pigeons, who are probably the same size as the cats!

When I told my sister about Isla's new found interest she reminded me that at my junior school, I used to be part of the RSPB Young Ornathologists club. I'd totally forgotten! It was easy for me to spot birds as we had a great garden when I was young that also backed onto allotments, I'd see plenty of jays, magpies, blue tits, robins and occasionally we'd even sight a heron in the neighbours garden, stealing from the pond!

I'm fully supportive of her love of nature. Long may it continue, but I'm sure there will be a multitude of jobs Isla wants to pursue in the future and I won't be too disappointed if she isn't the next Bill Oddie! What do your children say they want to be when they grow up? Any fellow twitchers for Isla to hang out with?

Owls by Isla, aged 5 and 3 quarters.

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  1. How sweet. And your drawing skill is wonderful. My kids don't yet talk about their future yet, they are younger but I think is lovely to support them in their interests untill they find what they really want to do.

  2. I am super impressed with her bird drawings and long may her interest continue - even if she doesn't become the next Bill Oddie.

  3. Good for her, she sounds as though she is steadfast in doing what she believes in which is a great trait to have x

  4. Bless her, I love her job choices and who knows, you might be right and she'll be the new face of Countryfile ;)

    Thanks for linking up with our Parenting Pin It Party x