About Me

I started this blog in 2011 as a way of sharing my experiences as a new parent. Since then our family has grown, I blogged throughout my second pregnancy (bump watch) and I now have two children, Isla aged 5 and Noah aged 3. It's a tough job being a mum sometimes, especially in the early days and that's when sharing information and experiences can be really beneficial! Nothing can prepare you for the sleepless nights and the cluelessness that you may feel. Although sleepless nights are becoming a thing of the past now, early rising is still a 'thing' in our household and so it still feels nice to share the joy (and pain! although don't forget the many joys!) that being a parent can entail.

Hopefully I can give pointers to help your own parenting experience or you might find comfort in knowing that not everything is PERFECT in parenting. I like recommending places to go, useful pieces of kit for kids, recipes that have gone down well in our household, basically anything that springs to my mind. We're South London/ Surrey based so some of my recommendations will focus on that area.

You'll see that I have a separate space on here for all the Theatre reviews we've done. It's something that we love the most, getting out and experiencing some of our favourite characters from TV and books live on stage! We've blogged our trips to the Polka Theatre and The Fairfield Halls, both great local places to us. 

I'm also a full time working mum, making the commute to London daily. So life is incredibly busy with lots of things pulling me in all directions. I might moan a bit - sleep deprivation and a multitude of responsibilities has that effect sometimes. But generally this will be a positive space where I can document the kids and our family life.

Thanks for reading and I love to hear from you too!